Hello Future of Coding community :slightly_smiling...
# linking-together
Hello Future of Coding community 🙂 I hope you are all doing well. I am looking for a video/post by @Chris Martens (they/them) the slack search doesn't bring it up and in our own history tool : https://history.futureofcoding.org/ I can only search a channel. My memory of what I'm search is vague so I would have to go back at least 2 years in every channel ... is there another way to search ? Thank you for you help. Maybe @Ivan Reese has an idea?
We have a few different tools listed on the Community page. Maybe try linen.futureofcoding.org?
Getting closer, I think I'm looking for the video of this seminar: https://hcii.cmu.edu/news/on/event/2020/09/seminar-chris-martens
there was a recording on her website but thats now currently gone
any idea how to decjipher that?
Thank you for trying.
Ihttps://hcii.cmu.edu/news/on/event/2020/09/seminar-chris-martens apparently there is a video on the site which is working when im using brave... But which wasn’t showing when I was using the link from web archive and chromium
I asked her over mastodon and she gave me the correct link….
here's a "full text search" for all channels https://search.futureofcoding.org/
Thank you 🙏
Thank you @Mariano Guerra that one actually worked!