# present-company

Kartik Agaram

06/09/2023, 6:35 PM
I finally had occasion to try out Obsidian today. Some notes after 5 minutes of use. • The initial experience is a blank screen without bullets. I thought the outliner view was the #1 selling point of such tools? Do people use Obsidian to write free-form text? • I can copy a set of nested bullets from Obsidian to LogSeq and it works great. In the other direction, though, Obsidian loses all the nested structure I copied from LogSeq. Overall the experience has been surprising. The open source clone felt like a more polished onboarding experience than the relatively proprietary and centrally coordinated product. I'm curious if that matches other people's experience.

Eli Mellen

06/09/2023, 6:38 PM
I am a mosaicist that uses Acme and grep as a note taking solution mostly…but, whenever I try Obsidian I’m struck by how opinionated it is — it assumes you want to organize and take notes in a specific kinda way that is mostly incompatible with how I roll. I see the value of being assumptive/shaping a specific kinda use…but I think you then need to guide folks to help them find that optimal way and Obsidian doesn’t really do that work at all, I don’t think.

Chris G

06/09/2023, 6:44 PM
The first 3-4 uses of obsidian I saw were people using it like an outliner, so I too was thrown off that the default use is just markdown – seems way better to me, only a % of thinking is a fit for bullet points

Josh Justice

06/11/2023, 8:52 PM
I was surprised by the inverse when I opened logseq. I found Obsidian after using Bear Notes for Markdown writing, and after that I was confused when I tried logseq and it presented me with bullets to start with.


08/29/2023, 2:25 PM
Im using obsidian with the Kanban plugin to sync with a few co workers. It works mostly OK.