Wrote something recently on the idea of using LLMs...
# share-your-work
Wrote something recently on the idea of using LLMs as part of in-the-loop software assistants: https://nickarner.com/notes/llm-powered-assistants-for-complex-interfaces-february-26-2023/
Thanks for sharing! I’ve been thinking about how LLMs can be used to assist in “bootstrapping” projects that normally require complex software. I think there’s value for a novice, or even expert to be able to use a chat interface to define the rough requirements and then the output of that conversation would be a starter or template file that could then be opened in the software and further edited / tweaked. I think you touched on some a key point: complex software is complex because it solves complex problems. Chat interfaces are not best suited to do the complex stuff, but they can help us do the simple stuff, that previously may have been difficult due to complicated UI.