Been making good steady progress on my new editor....
# devlog-together
Been making good steady progress on my new editor. I now have my wasm extensions automatically interrupt. So I can have a long running computation (or even an infinite loop) happening in an extension, on the same thread and not miss any frame times. Having that really sets the ground work for the live programming model I want for these "extensions". After some clean up I'm starting to do some dog fooding for another project I'm working on, generating an arm64 assembler from the xml specification of instructions. The plan is to write the coding utilizing my editor as the visualization environment to get fast feedback on if I have the instructions correct. Still a long way to go, but the fundamentals are taking shape.
Feel like I heard about this on a podcast somewhere.
Lol. But now I really have the time slicing working. :) Parsing the arm64 25mb xml file took longer than a frame so the UI would lock up. Now I can preempt that without the library collaborating at all. A nice side effect of that is that drawing from an extension is now stored as data in the editor, so I can do some smart things with caching draws and all of that. Still super janky right now, but excited to have some things to actually show at some point.