Naming is hard: With the newsletter looking for i...
# present-company
Naming is hard: With the newsletter looking for its place under the Future of Coding Brand Conglomerate ™️ I tried to give each feature a consistent place and name, this is the current state of affairs: • Newsletter: • Search: • History Search: • Link Search: Now http redirects to https automatically 📢 Looking for feedback, let me know what you think, I would like to start linking more stuff to the domain instead of github and tinyletter but for that I need stable links that don't break
The link search tool is neat. I've now set up an A record for
, if you want it.
sure! 😄
This link list is neat. I like the counter and the status info! I think it would be really cool if there was a way to jump back to the original conversation in those link lists. This way people can understand the context of the link better, and also engage with the conversation when its relevant, meaning when they read the article itself.
(Also, would love to be able to sort by the columns. I'm curious what the highest-count link is)