Updates on future of coding's link search page: <h...
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Updates on future of coding's link search page: http://history.futureofcoding.org/history/links/ Avoid screen freezes: - Links data streaming download and parsing by segments - Filter by segments - Result pagination (less to render on refilter) Shareability: - If search query parameter is set, search that on load - Example: http://history.futureofcoding.org/history/links/?search=hest - Update search query param on search update Usability: - Sort by most recent - Table layout fixed - Result pagination - Keyboard shortcuts - f: first, l: last, n: next, p: prev, N: page + 10, P: page - 10, s: focus search - Loading status - Row highlight on hover Try it: • http://history.futureofcoding.org/history/links/?search=alan%20kayhttp://history.futureofcoding.org/history/links/?search=bret%20victor PS: I listed the improvements in detail mostly to highlight how many things are involved in a "simple" app that only has a search box and a result list, I think it's a nice 7GUIs style app specification to benchmark future of coding projects
More specific: • Don't go below the first page • When updating the search term if the current page is after last page of new search results then go to last actual page • Show pagination info