# devlog-together

Jimmy Miller

01/04/2023, 9:25 PM
Been working on the foundation of my new editor. I set a goal this year to use a text editor I built my self for 10% of my development. So I'm starting with some new foundations. The most frustrating part of the my previous experience was the compile/run cycle for adding new UI. This time I'm starting with an extension mechanism that is powerful enough for me to prototype features live. But also, I want to be able to integrate extensions I made into the core of the program as things solidify. To that end, I've prototyped a little wasm extension mechanism. It is still early, but I can hot relaod code while keeping state. I can save state and rehydrate. I even have plans for being able to do some time travel debugging/snapshotting. Right now the extensions can just do simple drawings and respond to clicks, but the foundation is there and I'm excited for it.