What do y'all make of this: <https://handmade.netw...
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What do y'all make of this: https://handmade.network/ ?
I’ve enjoyed following this! IIRC some of this was kicked off by the Handmade Hero streams by Casey. Not that you asked, but the FoC POV (if I had to guess) is more that we should reinvent programming (esp to support expressive use by more people!). I love the Handmade network ethos, but my understanding is that it’s more about building existing things for programmers (like CLI’s or IDE’s) from scratch, “by hand”, etc
I've followed a bit of Casey's stuff and quite a bit of Jonathan Blow's (author of games Braid and Witness as well as the Jai programming language) stuff who also deeply shares the same ethos of current-state-of-software-is-rubbish-because-of-massive-accidental-complexity-due-to-excessive-abstraction-and-reuse. If you want an introduction to the 'ethos', this should help:


Blow is clearly an extremely productive developer, but does thing completely differently from what is the norm in the wider software industry or academia so I would recommend any programmer to take a look to get another perspective on programming.