Hello. Newbie here. I’m Randy. I’m a nerdy fan ...
# introduce-yourself
Hello. Newbie here. I’m Randy. I’m a nerdy fan of Dynamicland and Eve (https://witheve.com/) with notebooks filled with crazy ideas. Also a fan of https://maggieappleton.com/.
Some more context. I’ve been a developer for a long time — with lots of experience with systems, backends, and some frontend. But have a nagging suspicion that coding is too hard and too complicated. And that even though it’s good way to make a living, it’s not very humane.
You have come to the right place.
welcome! Btw I enjoyed this recent demonstration of Realtalk in action, at a real lab!


Yes, this one is interesting. They created actual physical box models and used those interactions. Great link. The Dynamicland parts starts around the 14 minute mark.