# linking-together

Kartik Agaram

12/31/2022, 4:20 PM
Rain World Interesting addition to our occasional conversation about animation techniques:

cc @Ivan Reese


01/01/2023, 3:52 AM
Having experimented with similar mechanics a long time ago, it's delightful to see them so artfully realized.

Ivan Reese

01/01/2023, 5:35 PM
I backed this game on Kickstarter, and have been playing it ever since. My daughter and I played an hour and a bit just yesterday. One of my favs of the last decade. Yes, the procedural animation in this game is fantastic, and that's not even the most interesting thing about it.


01/01/2023, 6:58 PM
What’s going on in RainWorld? Technically? I would like someone to explain to me, in about 1 sentence, how to write a program for the minimal pieces of this.

Chris Knott

01/01/2023, 7:59 PM
I'm really glad this video hit the YouTube riptide because I totally missed this game and it is right up my street

Ivan Reese

01/02/2023, 3:59 PM
@guitarvydas One sentence?! Um.. Watch this talk:

@Chris Knott It's occasionally difficult and very opaque, but rewards you the more you play. In that way, it feels like a Souls-like, but aside from some superficial similarity (like the fact that there are save points that you'll return to multiple times) it doesn't play like a Souls.


01/02/2023, 10:44 PM
@Ivan Reese Thank you! Hmm, so I think that I get some of it, yet am left wondering about other parts. What I think I see is: 1) characters are animated with active nodes ; active nodes are like Actors 2) there are 2 Forces at work (a) the Force of Gravity, and, (b) the Force of Intention (funny, they didn’t teach me about that one in Physics class) 3) like with any graphic-y thing, the more nodes you have, the more realistic it looks (probably related in some way to the Nyquist Theorem) I am left wondering about (1) how/what determines the “ideal” grab point? and, (2) what is this AI thing that they keep waving around like a magic wand? (as soon as you understand how it works, it stops being AI). Is this stuff being used in robotics? Children’s toys? (A swarm of hungry drones playing tag with a 5yo).