If you have any Zoom/Google Meet calls today, here...
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If you have any Zoom/Google Meet calls today, here’s new something you can try: it’s a call bot prototype called Action Cat https://interconnected.org/more/2022/action-cat/ I’ve been writing recently about how apps could use spreadsheets to expose functionality, as a way to be useful but also open to end-user customisation. And I’m also super curious about how live feedback in a meeting can change the way that meeting works So this is an experiment about that! I ran into the folks at Reduct.Video and they were up for working together. It shows a live transcript of your call, and the twist is that is drops it into Google Sheets which is pre-configured to track phrases like “remind me”… but you can then search for anything, or do calculations like “who has spoken most” I’d love to hear about what it’s like to use, and whether this spreadsheet approach might be a more generalisable pattern