Hi! I’m Matt Webb and mainly I write about specula...
# introduce-yourself
Hi! I’m Matt Webb and mainly I write about speculative technology things on my blog at https://interconnected.org/home — and sometimes I work with startups and big companies too (mainly doing product exploration or strategy/writing). Lots of design thinking. Main interests are the multiplayer web, small groups, NPCs, new interfaces, physical computing/environments, cyborgs, and innovation/policy. I’m lurking here because I find this kind of thinking really inspiring, and I hope to come along to a meetup soon! I live in London, UK.
I like your site Matt. I've bookmarked it to read more. I also signed up for one of your unoffice hours in January. Looking forward to it!
Thanks + awesome! I’m looking forward to chatting soon (unoffice hours are totally the highlight of my week and have been for the past couple years. Highly recommended to anyone who works at home)
Welcome! Definitely come along to our London hangouts - next one will be in Jan