The world is cranking through AoC and zooming towa...
# devlog-together
The world is cranking through AoC and zooming toward a ChatGPT future, and I'm still here thinking about the right way to visualize past versions in a live-programming environment. And my note-taking app ( One thing I did recently: a
command that moves columns (analogous to browser tabs) to the left, while continually truncating columns on the right beyond some limit. The combination of these two has changed how I work, from messes all over the surface to much more localized access patterns where I live near the top left and move things over to it as I need them. (It's not a catastrophe if I lose a tab because on-disk search is working well.)
And oh, @Jack Rusher I ended up deleting my earlier optimization ( It seemed like unnecessary complexity once I started truncating columns. I still see unexplained GC lags in new situations. GC makes performance issues in programs very difficult to reason about, and it's time to admit that after 20 years of fumbling with profilers I know nothing about fixing performance bottlenecks.