Hey all, this blog post has been kicking around in...
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Hey all, this blog post has been kicking around in my drafts for a while. I finally decided to complete it. It’s about thinking about compilation, basically the strategies and techniques that I’ve learned in my short time writing compilers. It’s what I wish I had as a resource when I started. https://github.com/NicholasLYang/uptointerpretation/blob/master/content/posts/how-to-think-about-compiling.md
You lost me at "nice, elegant language like Java". ;) Just kidding, this seems like a nice survey of things to keep in mind. I liked the reminder in the IR section that an IR didn't necessarily have to be "closer" to the output language in an obvious way. I generally like this level of abstraction and detail, and I wish more writing took this approach.
Haha I don’t even remember if i was being serious when I wrote that. Thanks for the feedback!