2022 Advent Of Code Solutions, Day 1, Thread:
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2022 Advent Of Code Solutions, Day 1, Thread:
I'll start; I did 3 solutions in C++, Python and Rust today, since it was an easier day....
(For cpp I've used a couple helper functions I've had around for ages, which just do the basic stuff other languages offer for free...)
wanted to learn the webassembly text format, using
from WASI to print to the console, and laid out the input string in the memory as a giant string literal: https://github.com/sumeet/aoc2022/blob/master/day1/part1.wat https://github.com/sumeet/aoc2022/blob/master/day1/part2.wat
My solution in Lamdu I’ve also been live-streaming myself using Lamdu to solve #1 and #2 at https://www.youtube.com/@yairchu/streams (next stream tomorrow)
@smt that looks hard core; I've never heard of wat!
Good luck all! Finally got started on advent of code 2022! I'm gonna use it to test out my parser generator again! This year I'm focusing on the backend, and making it output more useful error messages! last year the focus was on performance, and the year before that was on just getting it working :) https://github.com/TodePond/AdventofTode