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Picking the "present" channel because we don't have one for the past... I am doing some research into the history of the idea of a "computational medium". Does anyone know when and where this term was first used? The earliest reference I have found so far is a paper rom 1986: Boxer: a reconstructible computational medium. Many discussions on the topic cite Kay & Goldberg's 1977 paper "Personal Dynamic Media", but it doesn't contain the term "computational media" (though what they discuss is arguably the same idea). My question is about the specific term.
The concept appears by other names, and the phrase attached to other concepts (mainly in psychology/theory of mind), but so far as I know the use of computational medium in that sense is a coinage of diSessa's. Nearly the same phrasing occurs in the Turtle Geometry book, which was written in 1981 but not published until 1986.
Thanks @Jack Rusher, that confirms my impression!