The Inkbase essay from Ink & Switch is now liv...
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The Inkbase essay from Ink & Switch is now live: For those who haven't heard, Inkbase was a project by @szymon_k with @Joshua Horowitz and James Lindenbaum. They prototyped a programmable drawing tool which unified some of the nice qualities of dynamic software with the tactility and freedom of good ol' pen and paper. It was the precursor to Crosscut and the upcoming Untangle. All three projects were featured in Szymon's excellent

Strange Loop talk

this year.
Every new I&S drop I get that je ne sais quoi, knowing that they're our PARC... I just ache for the thing that comes after and on top of all of this goodness (by such good people, even more importantly, may they be the ones to benefit above all) Part of the feeling is a mildest melancholy that the projects are bespoke by just that much... the proof of concept always proven but the promise-of-concept left a bit stranded It's heartening to see that automerge survived in the wild (ie, on github), we want that for all of these projects... I wish that like the e-ink Remarkable/Onyx set would decide to be the next Apple, swoop in and say "these will all come together into the next star trek computer we're making, watch this" (oh yeah and "we'll stick to the local-first, malleable principles because they're right on") But if this steams on just like it has for dozens more similar projects, that's wonderful too – divine, really
Oh interesting, so this is older than Crosscut?
Yes. This project ran before Crosscut, but the essay took a long time to come together. The Programable Ink series, thus far, is: Inkbase, Crosscut, Untangle, ...