Hey, we’re looking for someone to help us prototyp...
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Hey, we’re looking for someone to help us prototype a 2D side-scroller game for a school for children with disabilities. The idea is that actions in the game can have real world effects, like turning on the lights. (Gig is US-only unfortunately, due to grant funding restrictions). Prototype overview: • basic single player 2D platformer mechanics (move, jump, item/platform interactions) • browser based interface built with PixiJS or Three.js • deployed on local network; server controls light bulbs via LIFX LAN API • remappable keyboard/mouse controls • three short levels showing basic navigation, control of in-game lights, and control of LIFX lights • basic in-game level editor mode We’re looking for someone who’s handy with a WebGL framework like PixiJS or Three.js. Even though this prototype will be fairly simple, experience developing & deploying a fast-paced multiplayer game is a plus, as it’s important for interactions to be fluid and game state/networking to be robust. If the future of coding tie-in isn’t immediately apparent, don’t worry I can talk your ear off about that 😄. Let me know if you’re interested or know someone who might be! DM or email dalton@bansenlabs.com.
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