Little languages are the future of programming - <...
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Little languages are the future of programming - (I am not sure if I agree to some of the points and also with the headline, but I certainly found this an interesting read)
I generally agree with the approach of building (large) programs by creating a set of DSLs that make the different parts of the program easier to express. This is one of the reasons I prefer languages that allow user extension (like Lisps). Glad to see the author include a link to Racket in the footnotes, as their Language Oriented Programming research agenda is very explicitly about this sort of thing.
Wanted: a live coding system with Racket-level support for little languages and Smalltalk-level support for tooling.
FYI - I’ve switched from writing Lisp macros using Trees (AKA Lists) to writing macros using Characters with Ohm-JS.
Any folks here use Raku? Started poking around its docs over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see it supports the JVM