Not related to coding, but I have long been annoye...
# share-your-work
Not related to coding, but I have long been annoyed by how hard it was to discover and curate the best learning resources of the Web. Google/YouTube/Wikipedia do a terrible job of it and so do universities/coursera/edX by never linking out to the Web (eg: 3Blue1Brown or SmarterEveryDay). I wanted to collect links to amazing videos, interactive explorables, books, research papers and organize them by topics, formats, difficulty level etc. This is what I made: Some highlights: • There is a custom topic taxonomy and a zoomable treemap. • For books and papers, I make it easy to find them on SciHub/LibGen etc. When possible, resources like videos/wikis are embedded directly. • I am planning aggregate reviews to help you select a resource among many available. So, under "Sapiens", you will see that Bill Gates recommends it highly. • There is no server and no user accounts. Your bookmarks are kept in browser's localStorage only. • Above all, this is a work-in-progress. Expect breakage. Would love to hear thoughts and feedback. 🙏
Neat! Have been missing work in this direction :)