Michael Dales

11/13/2022, 8:01 PM
Hello. I’m relatively new to the podcast/field, but after listening to a bunch of episodes over the last month I found the ideas presented resonated with me and/or inspirational, and helping shape my thinking of a new projects. I’m a technologist who has worked all over the stack, but mostly happy at the backend/systems layer. I’ve worked on operating system/security tools, web services, FPGA circuits - they all to me are roughly the same as it’s all just problem solving. I currently work as research engineer at the University of Cambridge where I’ve been trying to come up with tools/libraries/abstractions to make it easier for the ecologists there to let them scale up their data-science without having to learn low level systems. I recently wrote some of that up, so I’ll post that to the #share-your-work channel shortly. I also spent some time in the last few years reading through old programming guides from the 80s/90s to try remind myself where we came from, and try to work out where it all went wrong 🙂 But I’m not into old computers as objects to get nostalgic about - I want to build useful things, rather than to let me wallow in the old, if that makes sense.