In the spirit of <
# present-company
In the spirit of, what are people's HN accounts? is a superpower that lets me use HN like Twitter/Mastodon.
I am @khinsen, as almost everywhere. But I have never been very active on HN.
Added![1] I love low-velocity feeds, whether it's RSS[2] or any other time-ordered feed. Those are precisely the comments that are easy to miss otherwise. And Twitter's algorithmics completely mess them up by introducing junk I didn't ask for. This list is a work in progress, though. Some people on it that are noisier than I would like. I basically had a list 10 years ago and am just starting to use it again. [1] [2]
extremely seldom there, but
also seldom there, but
(can't you just turn off the algorithm on twitter/use lists? Lists are very good!)
(val town 👀👀)
Oh good point, I should try the FoC list instead of my Home feed. At least until they get around to adding algorithmics to it.
(it would be funny if twitter ended up implementing the proposed "you get to choose your algorithm, and the algorithms will be open source" but also the algorithms you get to choose from happen to all be doing deals with advertisers, openly, in the source code)