This seemed exciting to me but maybe not quiet fut...
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This seemed exciting to me but maybe not quiet future of coding. TL;DR. Unity has built a compiler for a subset of C# that can generate very fast code
The future for someone.
Its the future of high performance coding, I think, its pretty clear that SPMD is the way forward for performance (as evident by shaders, CUDA, ISPC and now BurstCompiler) and existing systems programming languages (C, C++, Rust) don't actually use programming models that take advantage of the hardware we have by default
I understand the "C# isn't the future" aspect of it
but one interesting thing about Unity ECS\DOTS is that it is partially visual
and will become more visual as time goes on
in the sense that, you can define component data in the GUI, the tools for all of that aren't finished though ECS is still a moving target