I'm going to plug another podcast — <Metamuse 67 w...
# linking-together
I'm going to plug another podcast — Metamuse 67 with Geoffrey Litt and Max Schoening, in which they talk about Potluck. I felt a lot of sympatico vibes between the discussion on this show and the interests of our community. And hey, if you're here, there's a better than normal chance you enjoy podcasts about this stuff. (Granted, there's a much better than normal chance you already subscribe to Metamuse).
Micro Syntax <== Ohm-JS. Ohm is a Child of PEG. IMO PEG is about Parser Theory instead of Language Theory. PEG allows thought patterns that are strictly verbotten by Language Theory, e.g. nesting, phrases, identifiers containing whitespace, etc. (which lead to off-the-wall thoughts like gradual code transpilation (“verbatims”), multiple identifiers for the same slot, etc.)...
I'm listening the the whole Metamuse backlog. The format is generally in guest discussion of some aspect of FoC, end-user software product development, or running a small business.