Just seems a shame not to use this kind of materia...
# thinking-together
Just seems a shame not to use this kind of material in the spreadsheet if people are writing it, that's all!
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I figured people could add a link to their statement in your spreadsheet. That might be better than forcing everyone to read these thoughts inside a tiny spreadsheet cell.
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No-one's forcing anyone to do anything update: I mean, great idea! It is hard to read cells in a spreadsheet! 👍
One thing that's been confusing to me everytime I go to the spreadsheet is that it starts out with projects nobody on this Slack seems to use or work on. So I always had doubts if my project was notable enough to deserve a spot there. Anyways, I just added Mu.
I thought they were all on this Slack! They've been filled in only as a result of my suggesting it here, nowhere else.
(OK, Apart from DynamicLand, but I think that deserves an exception given (a) the Bret love on this site and (b) the fact that Bret is too elevated to ever do it himself) update: I love Bret too, maybe I'm just jealous!
I wonder who added Red.
There's a slight chance that was me, but I can't recall. I would probably have said Red/Rebol though
@Ivan Reese apologies for my response above, I've appended what I should have said!
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I would actually take out Dynamicland if it was up to me. Assuming the goal of the spreadsheet is finding opportunities for collaboration. I don't think Dyamicland is in that phase of the life cycle.
I could move that and Red into another tab labelled "other interesting and related projects" or something?
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righto done that!