Hey guys, tried to collect a set of visual math to...
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Hey guys, tried to collect a set of visual math tools in a repo here: https://github.com/prathyvsh/Visual-Math-Tools/ Can you guys give some feedback on what needs improvement and suggest names of some great tools in this domain that I might have missed? Also hoping that some of you find some of these useful/inspiring.
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I'm not sure what you consider a visual math tool. I personally might not count observable as AFAIK it's just Javascript and the canvas api in which case you might as well list all the browsers and any language with a similar library. In anycase along those lines are Matlab and Octave
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Maybe this is subsumed by Geogebra but "Euclid: The Game" seems nifty. Cool list by the way!
There's also MathBox: https://acko.net/blog/mathbox2/
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ā€¢ DragonBox Algebra and DragonBox Geometry on iOS are pretty interesting. https://dragonbox.com/products/algebra-5 ā€¢ Geometry Explorer was something I was exposed to as an undergrad in the 00's http://homepages.gac.edu/~hvidsten/gex/
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Yeah, I also found DragonBox quite interesting. I love collecting examples of games that are able to use their systems to convey something specific, like a narrative about individualism/collectivism (BioShock) or a way of seeing (The Witness) or an understanding of physics (Slower Speed of Light). DragonBox did a good job mapping basic symbolic algebra into a gameplay system.
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My original intention with what became fructure was to create something basically in the vein of dragonbox, for similar age ranges, but targetting a slightly broader range of algebra-like structures. I've drifted quite a bit but hope to come back to this area eventually.
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There is also DGPad, used by some mathematician teachers in France. It is a tool for Dynamic Geometry, with visual proramming with Blockly. https://dgpad.net/index.php?lang=EN
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@Tudor Girba @Ivan Reese @Robin @Alex Wein @ogadaki Thanks for these suggestions guys, I'll be incorporating them to the Github repo and adding you guys as contributors. Thank you so much.
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@gman That observation is correct. The reason for including notebooks like this was that someone interested in doing longform Math writing wouldn't want to miss out these for demoing their work with interactive demos. But true that they are very general purpose than a strictly mathematical tool.
@andrew blinn Fructure is a breath of fresh air and surprising to find that it's beginnings were in exploring algebraic structures. Would love to see anything you have done in this direction!