# thinking-together

Ivan Reese

02/04/2020, 1:41 AM
Episode #44 — Making Your Own Tools: Devine Lu Linvega
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02/04/2020, 4:24 AM
This was a great episode. Beyond my general fascination with Devine's work, I really liked the sonic flairs you added, I think it adds a lot of personality and a hand-crafted feel to the podcast(reminds me a bit of Radiolab's production!)
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Ivan Reese

02/04/2020, 5:15 AM
That means a lot. Thank you. It's going to take me a while to hone-in on exactly how this show should sound, but it's something I'm going to keep exploring. I'm sure there will be plenty of cases where I get it wrong, but that's the price you have to pay to eventually get it right.
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Mariano Guerra

02/04/2020, 9:19 AM
I like how you added some corrections (during edition it seems) that feel like you listening to it and saying it out loud 🙂
like an explicit "I've should have said X"
feels more real than editing it to try to make it look like it didn't happened or adding corrections somewhere else like in the show notes
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02/04/2020, 2:33 PM
15 minutes in and very impressed. Strongly agree with @Mariano Guerra. The occasional in-place note (I've only hit the first one) gives the podcast a unique feel without being heavy.

Josh Cho

02/04/2020, 10:55 PM
Loved the episode. It’s asking a lot but it would be nice if the player can hover over as the page goes down, so that you can read the transcript as you listen/interact with controls
On that note, is the website open-sourced?

Ivan Reese

02/04/2020, 11:46 PM
The website is open, and I am accepting contributions (though maybe let me know what you plan to do first if you're going to make a change that isn't just like a typo correction or additional link or something): The web player sucks and I'd eventually like to switch to a different podcast hosting platform. I recommend grabbing a program like Overcast on your phone (if you have an iPhone), and subscribing to the show there. Even just for listening to on-off episodes, is so much nicer to use a dedicated podcasting app than a web player.


02/05/2020, 3:36 AM
Great episode. I loved the sound pops. I LOLed at one of them. 😆
The 'sidenote' injections were cool too.

Ivan Reese

02/05/2020, 6:31 AM
I'm sure some folks are not happy about the sound stuff. Glad it's not a universally negative response, at least :) Still... excited to make more episodes, do more experiments, and hone in on a voice.


02/05/2020, 6:54 AM
Positive response here. It's not over-the-top, just a dash of whimsy. Anyone who with doesn't like can easily ignore and the rest of us can appreciate the zest.

Pine Wu

02/08/2020, 10:06 PM
Come here to say thanks. Good production quality and I like the inline notes (such as the one for Inktober). Many questions are thoughtful and inquisitive. The podcast is in good stewardship — looking forward to the next episode on ORCΛ!
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