Hey guys. I have been going through listening to a...
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Hey guys. I have been going through listening to all the podcasts from the start because I find this whole topic deeply fascinating and want to make sure im up to date with everything before I start contributing here. I have one question however. In episode 3 "Inventing on Principle" with Jonathan Leung. @stevekrouse and Jonathan discuss a whole bunch of really interesting things but Jonathan talks about an app I think he calls "Workflow" that he uses whenever he works on a task to help him structure how he tackles the problem. He mentions that he has shown the technique to many other people and they have all adopted it since. I would love to know more about this App and / or technique. Does anyone have any sources?
Yup, Workflowy
Discussion starts at 15:21 of ep 3
The Workflowy workflow Jonathan describes is, when you're working on a task, each time you think of something you need to do in service of that task, you write it in Workflowy, and cross it off when you've done it. Then Steve jumps into a discussion of his dream git workflow where each item on the todo list is a branch of the repo that you "cross off" by merging it back into master. (I say dream because IIRC he imagines it having tool support that AFAIK he never wrote.)
awesome, thanks guys for the link and @alltom for the description