Hey everyone, Iā€™m chairing the <AIIDE 2020> Playab...
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Hey everyone, Iā€™m chairing the AIIDE 2020 Playable Experiences track! Please send us your games, weird art, and interactive widgets that are informed in some way by AI, by Friday, June 12! Details are available here. Please consider submitting especially if you are not working in academia and/or if you are working with an arts/humanities focus. This track is a huge part of what makes AIIDE special, that we value many different forms of contribution.
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U Alberta is right near me! I'm curious what their relation to this conf is (since the page is hosted on their site). (My thinking is: after COVID is over ā€” one can dream ā€” maybe there's a good community for this sort of AI weirdness in my area.)
One of their faculty members, David Thue, is the program chair for AIIDE this year.
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There are definitely U Alberta folks active in this area!
Ah, I believe I've had some contact with David Thue in the past. Thanks!