:wave: Hey everyone, my name is Brett Neese and I...
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👋 Hey everyone, my name is Brett Neese and I split my time between Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City, Mexico at the moment. I am a software engineer by day and I am studying for a master's degree in cybernetics (which is hard to define but tl;dr I think a lot about systems of all kinds from a philosophical perspective) at DePaul University at night (I built my own degree program). Currently I'm thinking a lot about emergence in computing (and even writing some of it down!). A friend sent me a link to the latest episode of the podcast which I found particularly relevant to the work I was already doing. It actually started me down a bit of a rabbit hole and now I'm here. I don't just write theory, either, I'm also a bit of an artist (or trying to be one). I think that art can provide a glimpse into what a different world would look like so I'm trying to tie the two together. You can read some of my writing here https://queerinterfac.es/tagged/essays and find more about me here: http://www.brettneese.xyz
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You can get a masters in Cybernetics?! that’s great. N. Wiener lives on.
Not… exactly. My school offers a special master's degree program that you can design around your specific goals and I chose cybernetics as my focus area because I think that kind of cross-disciplinary or anti-disciplinary thinking is critical right now. But indeed cybernetics is more active than you might think - the American Society for Cybernetics (asc-cybernetics.org) is going through a bit of a reboot and has recently become much more active, and there's also http://generalintellectunit.net/ and their community (which posits a very specific political approach to cybernetics.)
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@Brett Neese WOOOOOOO General Intellect Unit represent! Your work sounds super interesting, right up my street. I’m looking forward to some engaging conversations soon!
interesting indeed, thanks for passing these along