:wave: i also found my way here via HYTRADBOI. my ...
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👋 i also found my way here via HYTRADBOI. my interest is the intersection of coding, data modeling, time, and users. i’ve been toying with computers for decades, and working professionally as a developer for 2+ of them. my current interest is around a “what’s old again is new again” to use ledgers to track data changes, particularly around the devex in making this approachable to a wider set of developers. most of my experience has been with end-user software, be it business applications, games, or trading systems. i also did a stint at a startup for a bit in the semantic web space in the mid-00's when it was the new web3.0. that definitely “poisoned” my mind (so to speak) in thinking about data models, schemas, interoperability, and dynamically reconfigurable software. i love learning about new-to-me ideas, and look forward to chatting with you all.
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