Another guest post on the blog from my friend Anto...
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Another guest post on the blog from my friend Anton Troynikov; this time on Remixable Software:
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hey FYI link to “rewilding the web” seems to 404. Not sure where issue lies but just thought I’d point it out
Awesome - thanks for the heads up!
oh boy, I could talk for hours about this topic, being old and all
Declarative in the large: abject failure so far
Declarative in the small: exists but only in very small, very weird pockets (pure FP, datalog/prolog)
Why no componentware? Because all nontrivial apps need leaky abstractions, because the actual requirements of the app are never a clean subset of the features of the component
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It probably didn’t help that UI frameworks are where componentware really started making claims, and it turns out those are the hairiest hairballs ever haired
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