# random-encounters

Chris Maughan

10/14/2020, 4:47 PM
I've met some interesting folks, and I don't mind being pushed a bit to be social, but I think that mostly text/slack chats are enough to be going on with (i.e. I don't like the way the bot tries to get someone in the group to start a scheduled meeting). Just a prompt to have a chat is probably enough; that works just as well; and we can always have a meeting later.

Shubhadeep Roychowdhury

10/14/2020, 5:58 PM
Yes that is something I believe also. I am in CET timezone and often I get paired up with folks from West Coast or generally from the USA. And they have often very flexible schedule. But I am the problem. Even if I want to connect, between staying at home and taking care of two little kids, to building a start-up and also coding, I do not manage to get time often. If it could be some kind of async first chat based thing where we can always jump to a meeting later then it would work better for me. I really enjoyed meeting people so far.

Ivan Reese

10/14/2020, 6:10 PM
This is good feedback. I don't have much configuration control over Donut — but I believe you can just tell it "Yes, we did a meeting, go away"