# introduce-yourself


05/23/2022, 3:18 PM
👋 all - I'm Lorenzo (my alias is @kelset everywhere). I've learned about this community via @Sunil Pai (and of the Slack via @Maggie Appleton). I'm a SSE at Microsoft and I've been a maintainer of react-native for over 4 years now; probably because of that second thing, over the years I've become very passionated about mental health and open source. I'm looking forward to see how this community tinkers with the ideas around the future of coding, since I have a suspicion that it's intertwined with evolution of open source and how developers interact with it 🤓 I'm based in London so expect me to attend the IRL meetups... when I'm not booked to go see some musicals (not that it has ever happened before 🤣🥲)
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