<https://kevinlynagh.com/reltron/> "casually make ...
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https://kevinlynagh.com/reltron/ "casually make joins" @Garth Goldwater
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@Srini K please watch the demo video for this lol
this rules thank you for posting it
I have so many things to say: 1. This person has my dream combination of interests / skills! Clients in renewable energy designer? hacker obessed with fast software? 2. This reminds me a LOT of Eirik Blakke’s ULTORG / SIEUFERD: http://www.ultorg.com/
3. Let’s get Kevin in this Slack!
oo Kevin worked on this: http://variancecharts.com/ I stumbled into this many moons ago
“I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan working on: • Satisfying tactile computer input devices (knobs, switches, sliders, etc.) • Embedded systems firmware written in alt-languages like Rust and Zig • Microcontroller hardware design using solvers like Z3
ya kevin is extremely cool
rest in peace what would have been the holy grail https://subformapp.com/
do you know what happened to it?
didn’t Bret have a very similar sounding project name / idea?
Subtext maybe?
no hmm
definitely very different…
I don't know the exact details but apparently not enough pmf