We open sourced our Clojure computational notebook...
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We open sourced our Clojure computational notebook library, Clerk, today. Here's an example of combining Clerk with my WikiData wrapper, Mundaneum, to interactively ask for some physicists and what they invented/discovered. Not bad.
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Once more I wish I could use Clojure for my work! The four problems that Clerk addresses are exactly the ones that make me dislike Jupyter. And one of them (no out-of-order execution) would be hard/impossible to port to languages that emphasize mutable data structures.
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hi @Jack Rusher could you put your example(Mundaneum) in a separate repository so one could jump right into it? So a Empty repository only with deps to clear and mundaneum? I'm still only familiar with clojure dependency mechanism using project clj so I could not try this out although I would love to!
@curious_reader I'm planning to put a few examples of different fun things in a repo soon. 🙂
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This repo has a bunch of example notebooks showing off various Clerk features. Currently, the documentation assumes you are a Clojure dev with your own preferred setup. I'll add better docs in the coming days, along with more examples. 🙂 (The WikiData bits are in
). https://github.com/nextjournal/clerk-demo
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Nice Thank you @Jack Rusher I really like the SVG diagrams, I will start playing around wiht it a bit more
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