Hi all! I’ve been diving into CRDT tech lately to ...
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Hi all! I’ve been diving into CRDT tech lately to build local-first collaborative apps. So far I had a great experience with Yjs - but I found the API a bit cumbersome. I’ve been working a new open source library to make it really easy to work with state that’s shared across multiple users and that syncs automatically. It supports React, Vue, Svelte, or plain javascript. By using Javascript Proxies, the API looks just like a regular app, e.g.:
store.todos.push( { completed: true, title: "write code" } );
- and the Reactive Programming model makes it effortless to listen to changes. Anway, I just put it live on https://syncedstore.org/ - would really welcome your feedback! PS: it’s also on HN (see “show” page), comments / votes there are always appreciated to help a fellow FoCer ;)
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I think this is a perfect use case for Proxies! Because there’s no new API for modifying data structures, the sync behavior can even be implemented (enabled) into an existing application retrospectively. Looking forward to give it a try!
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Looks very interesting! How does it compare to automerge?