Hi all! New here, I wanted to share something I ma...
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Hi all! New here, I wanted to share something I made over the weekend that I thought some people here might find interesting/have thoughts on. It's a self-hosting web code editor that stores and edits "files" in the browser's IndexedDB and uses a service worker to serve them as if there was an actual backend. You can try it out here (only works in Chromium-based browsers because it uses ES modules in the worker): https://reflection-editor.netlify.app/ Source code is also available at https://github.com/Merlin04/reflection.
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That's odd, are there any errors in the console?
Is there a way to evaluate/run the code?
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Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: ServiceWorker script at <https://reflection-editor.netlify.app/worker.jsm> for scope <https://reflection-editor.netlify.app/> threw an exception during script evaluation.
@Matthew Linkous Right now there's just editing the source and saving/reloading to run the changes, but that would be a useful feature to add for individual script files!
I'm not sure how I could troubleshoot that script error, I'm going to try to make it not use ES modules in the worker which should reduce compatibility issues
I haven’t worked with Service Workers, so this is a more general question: would it also be possible to serve images (stored as DataURI) from IndexedDB and have them appear in the network/resources tab (e.g. as
In response to my own question: yes, it is possible to use Service Workers to serve “virtual” synthetic image files from IndexedDB or memory. This is really cool!
I am getting this ...
Oops, forgot to update the link
The new version (with more features, including Firefox support) is https://reflection-editor.vercel.app