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Future of Coding • Episode 54 Ella Hoeppner • Vlojure I was immediately interested in Vlojure because of the visual style on display — source code represented as nested circles; an earthy brown instead of the usual dark/light theme. But as the

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progressed, Ella showed off a scattering of little ideas that each seemed strikingly clever and obvious in hindsight. You'd drag one of the circle "forms" to the bottom right to evaluate it, or to the bottom left to delete it. The sides of the screen are flanked by "formbars" that hold, well, whatever you want. You can reconfigure these formbars to your exact liking. Everything is manipulated with drag. The interface exudes a sense that it was designed with wholly different goals and tastes than what we usually see in visual programming projects — perfect subject matter for our show. • https://futureofcoding.org/episodes/054
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Thank you so much for sharing, I'm excited to listen to this. From the earthy tones to the circular imagery, this ties in so well with a project I'm working on.