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Dan Stocker

01/30/2022, 7:44 PM
Hi FoC, We just released version Alpha 1.8.0 of CRANQ (! For those that don't know, CRANQ is - despite what the website says - a general-purpose "low-coding" IDE and code repository. It compiles to JavaScript (npm packages), and is fully extensible from within. This release is still far from our original vision - lacking in instrumentation, types, search, and general UX - but is usable enough to prototype APIs and integrations. Quick download links: • Linux (deb): • Linux (rpm): • MacOs: • Windows: Thoughts, feedback welcome. We're also looking for case studies - projects that we help you build in CRANQ. DM me if you'd like to participate in our alpha programme.
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01/30/2022, 9:46 PM
despite what the website says...
Thoughts, feedback welcome
My first thought would be that if the website doesn't actually say what it is, that's a problem. After looking at the website, the second problem is that what it does actually say is prone to making me assume that whatever you're peddling lies somewhere on the spectrum from speculative nonsense to outright fraud. No offense intended, and I get why marketing to the crypto crowd might make sense... but having that front and center isn't likely to make me take something seriously as a general tool.
That said this does look like an interesting tool, so maybe reconsider how it's presented