I just saw a post about <unit >which is a really b...
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I just saw a post about unit which is a really beautiful tool, and wanted to share my own work in functional graphical programming. The video below is the prototype demo from 2016 when I was starting my VR programming company https://primitive.io In this original version of our VR code visualization tool, the focus was on functional graphical building blocks of a simple RSA encryption algorithm written in Lisp. You can see function stacks in the animated runtime. The version that then became Primitive changed to focus on visualizing file system structure and class/method parsing. I would love to get back to function body parsing at some point again. Please let me know your thoughts:
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Do you have a version of this video hosted on the web (vimeo or youtube or whatever)? I'd love to reference it, along with the current stuff from Primitive, on my codex.
thanks @Ivan Reese - here you go:


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