I’m excited, and a tad nervous - next Wednesday wi...
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I’m excited, and a tad nervous - next Wednesday will be my first time presenting what I’ve been chewing on this year! https://twitter.com/jessmartin/status/1494048926114144268 Along with some fine folks who need no introduction: • Super jazzed to hear Alexander Obenauer give an update on his explorations of personal computing. The Potential Merits of an Itemized OS was one of my favorite pieces of writing this year. • Equally jazzed to hear @Geoffrey Litt give a rundown of his experiments with https://twemex.app, a browser plugin I use daily that makes Twitter 10x more useful IMO. Hope some of y’all can join in for the discussion afterwards; last month was my first time at one of @Jess Martin’s very nicely run Tools for Thought Rocks events, and it was a fun and thought-provoking conversation. PS: if you want a preview and are willing to give some feedback, dm me and I’d welcome some sharpening ahead of time! The clickbait tl;dr: “Why the Elm Architecture is Doomed: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mutable State.” Tongue out-of-cheek, I’ll be talking about what I think we can (re)learn from the hardware world, especially around modeling, simulation, feedback control, and dynamical systems.
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Great luck and topic! I love Elm, am ambivalent on TEA, and would be happy to read slides or notes (I wouldn't be able to 1:1, schedule is just too packed)
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Awesome job, that was a very expansive tour, I loved seeing some raw material, rather than just a custom tool demo
Thank you! Raw material in spades. 😅 I def need more practice in that kind of setting. Thanks again to @Jess Martin for the chance to share & I hope some folks found new threads to tug on or connect. Hard at work on prototyping in the meantime.