Some (unpublished) musings on how data is represen...
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Some (unpublished) musings on how data is represented in programming systems -
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If you post this you should put the Hytradboi link first! They like to post your stuff over there on HN.
I just use clojure for a lot of the example because it's the only language I know of that gave deliberate thought to their data notation.
That sounds... sad. But I can't think of another example, other than the original Lisp of the 1950s, whose data model (nothing but cons lists) turned out to be too simple for practical programming. And it's not only languages. There are tons of books on coding styles, code abstractions etc. In comparison, the literature on data models and data abstractions is almost invisible. Do we need a "data manifesto"? Does it perhaps already exist somewhere?
Mildly edited and published now. Still feels very vague and unstructured, but I think that's the best I have for the moment.