• Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson

    3 years ago
    Interesting esoteric language based on a 2D Hilbert curve
  • d

    Daniel Hines

    3 years ago
    I have a mild interest in the Hilbert Curve. Is there anything practical in this language?
  • Or is it esoteric for esoterica’s sake?
  • i

    Ivan Reese

    3 years ago
    Well, there's a listing for it on Esolangs (https://esolangs.org/wiki/Aceto) so I suspect it's esoteric for the sake of it.
  • ajzaff


    3 years ago
    More structured code unlike those beguiling Funges /s
  • Prathyush


    3 years ago
    Only advantage here seems to be a 2D tight packing of symbols as achieved in: https://xkcd.com/195/ Am I missing something?