Hi all, I'm a developer from Hull, UK. I've been w...
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Hi all, I'm a developer from Hull, UK. I've been working on creating more fluid interactions for code editing for the past few years, mostly based on the idea that to move something you should be able to just drag and drop it, and other variations on matching the interaction to the underlying thought process. I've implemented a few of these ideas in my latest project, Treefrog (https://treefrog-editor.com). I'm hoping to organise a meetup in York, UK this summer - DM me if you're interested in getting together!
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i know im months late, but treefrog looks amazing. i've really wanted basically this functionality mixed with helix/kakoune’s ability to filter and narrow multiple selections (can link if you're not familiar)
Thanks! I've come across those two but haven't tried them out, could you link that feature?


2:15 - 4:45 in this video
if you prefer text: https://kakoune.org/why-kakoune/why-kakoune.html in particular the sections “Improving on the editing model”, “Multiple selections” (plus the gifs/videos), “Interactive, predictable and fast”, and “Discoverability”