# devlog-together

Tom Larkworthy

10/18/2022, 10:30 AM
So I largely gave up with webcode to instead seek economic shelter in a Berlin startup ( It is still in the FoC camp being an instant decisioning platform with node and wire diagrams, with code nodes, but focussed on a pragmatic vertical (finance decisions like loan applications). Just FYI. Once I am ramped up a bit more I hope to start sharing more on some of the neat features like bringing engineering technology like JSONschema to non programmer risk analysts.

Jason Morris

10/18/2022, 11:43 PM
I've heard that some sorts of financial risk management approaches use some pretty old-school methods, like decision tables printed on paper and taped to the monitor. 🙂 Good luck.

Jack Rusher

10/19/2022, 10:36 PM
O no! I was enjoying the updates on your project.