# devlog-together

Jimmy Miller

10/16/2022, 2:50 PM
I’ve been thinking about how to make a domain specific editor for my new job. I’m working on a new JIT compiler for Ruby. It’s fairly well developed, but the tooling around it leaves a lot to be desired. I can definitely use lldb for most of it and do, but it is almost never what I actually want. I’ve been trying to think about how I can make my debugger context-sensitive. The bugs I’m tracking down are almost all, in development bugs. So why not show my code changes instead of every file? As I’m developing, I want to know what difference there is in codegen, why not save output between runs and show me only methods that were affected? I have four stacks that I’m working with, the Ruby value stack, the Ruby control stack, the C stack, and a compile time virtual context stack. What if I could visualize all of these at once?