Breck Yunits

09/29/2022, 11:21 AM
This is awesome @Chidi Williams! So simple and powerful.


09/29/2022, 11:46 AM
Tangential: Parsing the transcribed text would be a way to add programming actions to the text. Maybe /bin/audio-sh? My favourite parsing technology, ATM, is Ohm-JS. sells an audio/video editing/mixing-board tool based on textual editing (like, say, Logic, GarageBand, iMovie, Da Vinci Resolve, etc., but text-document-based). One could write a quickie parser that transpiles specific text phrases to /bin/bash scripts (or Python, or, ...).

Chris Knott

09/29/2022, 6:58 PM
Great little app. It's inspired me to have a play around with Whisper

Jason Chan

10/03/2022, 12:13 AM
this is super cool, will try it out…been looking for something to transcribe podcasts (since I can read faster than I can listen haha)