# introduce-yourself

Klaas van Schelven

09/22/2022, 7:56 AM
Hi everyone! I am Klaas van Schelven. I worked on Expressions of Change ("a research project that aims to improve the tools for constructing ever-changing computer programs by putting the changes themselves central in the programming experience") before I switched back to billed-by-the-hour non-futuristic coding. Happy to have linked up with fellow futurists though, have to admit seeing y'all post here does re-ignite a passion that I've been trying to ignore for a while now :-)


09/22/2022, 10:57 AM
Hi klaas, I work as a freelance developer here in the Netherlands as well. I have reserved 1 day a week for my own FoC projects for which I receive WBSO-subsidy. I assume you live in the netherlands because of your dutch name. So if you want to know more about my approach, then just let me know😊