RFC: Sponsor a fact on PLDB (<https://pldb.com/pag...
# share-your-work
RFC: Sponsor a fact on PLDB (https://pldb.com/pages/sponsor-a-fact.html). A lot of people have been telling me to figure out a business model for PLDB, not just for PLDB's sake, but also so the model could be extended to other domains. This is the latest idea. Would love any feedback!
not sure if others are seeing this issue, but pldb.com doesn't load for me due to a security issue (neither Chrome nor FF w/ https everywhere) -- certificate problem?
Oh wow, thanks for reporting Arvind!
@Arvind Thyagarajan I reopened this issue:
Could you share your details there?
Someone may need to do something to take care of it.
I was surprised to find TopShell there! How do you compute the number of users?
Great question @Joakim Ahnfelt-Rønne! I just updated all the pages so that should be more obvious:
Gotta get that improved
Thanks 🙂 I think it's great to have a database spanning so many programming languages!